Saturday, January 11, 2014

Congratulation to Khai Chyeh and Wei Ling!

Newly Wedded on 11 Jan 2014!

The Jaguar is kept in superb condition for Bridal car though an classic model.
My wedding is following a Teochew tradition and have to be at the
bride's house at 4 plus am. Edmund has no complaints for the early
booking and was very punctual on the actual day.

Edmund was very accommodating with the collection of items from
the bridal shop since the car is at bridal shop the day before for d├ęcor.

Edmund is an experienced driver who engages in small talks to reduce
the anxiety for the groom. Will recommend anyone who wants to have
an elegant car for bridal car any time.

- Khai Chyeh and Wei Ling

Sincerely wishes them a blessed and blissful marriage in their new chapter of their life...

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