Sunday, May 15, 2011

Congratulation to Chris and Rachel!

Newly Wedded on 15 May 2011!

Hi Edmund,

Thanks for the great and friendly services!

Very friendly, and flexible guy who is a punctual, trustworthy, smooth and safe driver. Does his homework on addresses and pro-actively reminds me when to do car decoration and such, really takes my mind off the car preparations so I can focus on other topics.

The ride was excellent, spacious and comfortable, with nice selection of serene music to start the day proper!

It is difficult to find a white Jaguar with vintage styling around now, and surprisingly easy to match car deco themes.

We were adventurous and tried a new simplistic-modern-meets-classic art-deco look without the common huge ribbons/wisps and it turned out pretty well!

Would definitely recommend to my friends and future couples!


Chris and Rachel

Sincerely wishes them a blessed and blissful marriage in their new chapter of their life...

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