Sunday, May 19, 2013

Congratulation to Aaron and Melissa!

Newly Wedded on 19 May 2013!

Stumbled upon Edmund's blog when we were looking for a car to rent,
the good reviews of his service
was one of the main factors in my decision,
coupled with the reasonable pricing.

All the wonderful comments given are true,
he's punctual, dependable, friendly and even helps to remind me
on the things to bring before setting off to fetch my bride.
His car is well maintained, good leg room and
he was attentive to details like adjusting the front passenger seat forward
to allow my bride more space.

The whole experience is awesome and anyone who's considering
to engage his service should look no further!

- Aaron, Melissa

Sincerely wishes them a blessed and blissful marriage in their new chapter of their life...

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