Saturday, March 1, 2014

Congratulation to Zheng Xin and Qiao Hui!

Newly Wedded on 1 Mar 2014!

Hi Edmund,
Thank you so much for your excellent service on our wedding day!
It was really nice of you to help us collect the hand bouquet and corsages
when you drove the car down for the d├ęcor, which saves us the trip to go down
to the bridal shop. Not forgetting that you even sent us the decorated car
picture to assure us that it was all nicely done up. The white Jaguar car is
also kept in good condition, classic looking, clean and comfy.

Throughout the process, you have provided us many helps and guidance.
You have also been accommodating and patient with us despite the delays
from waiting for the cars lost in direction on our route
to the outdoor photo shoot place.

We enjoyed the ride and were really glad that we have engaged your service.
We will definitely recommend you to our friends who are getting married,
and which in fact we have already done so. :)

With regards,
Zhengxin and Qiaohui

Sincerely wishes them a blessed and blissful marriage in their new chapter of their life...

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